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25 August 2010

Qatar First Investment Bank hosts special Garangaou iftar for children of the Dhreima Friends Club

QFIB started its annual “Ramadan Blessings” campaign by hosting an iftar for the children of the Dhreima Friends Club to celebrate the Garangaou

Qatar First Investment Bank (QFIB) started its annual “Ramadan Blessings” campaign by hosting an iftar for the children of the Dhreima Friends Club to celebrate the Garangaou. This is the first of a series of community related activities planned during the Holy month of Ramadan.

QFIB management, staff and their families invited the children and staff of Dhreima Friends club to join them at the Diplomatic Club where they were entertained with a variety of activities including face painting, henna drawing and fun games. The children were also given traditional Garangaou bags and gifts to mark the special occasion.

Garangaou is a special Qatari tradition for children and is celebrated on the 14th of Ramadan. Children often dress up in traditional gowns and visit neighbors and friends, chanting songs and prayers for the wellbeing of the residents of the house. In return, the children are given nuts and sweets.

Mike de Graffenried, CEO of QFIB said, “Ramadan is a special month. It promotes solidarity and brotherhood. As a conscious corporate citizen and an Islamic institution QFIB is committed to reach out to the local community and contribute to its welfare. We are delighted to share the celebrations of the Garangaou with the children of the Dhreima Friends Club, for the second year. The Garangaou celebration is a worthwhile opportunity for QFIB employees and their families to observe such a tradition and to strengthen ties with members of the local community during the special month of Ramadan.”

Wajeeda Abdulla, the director of the social activities from Dhreima Friends Club said,” We thank Qatar First Investment Bank for hosting our children for the second year. Such a celebration helps in preserving a Qatari tradition as well as creating a bond between different members of the community. This clearly indicates the bank’s strong belief in solidarity and commitment to Shari’ah principles.”

Dhreima Friends Club aims to provide an integrated Islamic system of care and shelter for orphans in the State of Qatar. Dhreima believes ensuring the welfare of orphans is the responsibility of society which is why partnering with other local organisations is an important aspect of their work.