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02 August 2011

Qatar First Investment Bank kicks off its Annual ‘Ramadan Blessings’ Campaign

QFIB has kicked off its annual Ramadan Blessings campaign by announcing the sponsorship of Reach Out To Asia Ramadan 2011 Project

Qatar First Investment Bank (QFIB), the leading independent Islamic investment bank, has kicked off its annual Ramadan Blessings campaign by announcing the sponsorship of Reach Out To Asia Ramadan 2011 Project. QFIB and ROTA will jointly organize several community-based activities during the Holy month of Ramadan in order to promote solidarity and brotherhood. In addition to providing financial support, the Bank will pledge the time of its employees who will actively volunteer in ROTA’s projects.

ROTA is the Qatar-based, non-profit organization that empowers local communities by providing access to primary and secondary education for underprivileged children across Asia through the development of quality sustainable educational projects. Established in 2005, ROTA is chaired by H.E. Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and operates under the auspices of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science & Community Development.

“We are honored to have the support of Qatar First Investment Bank, a leader in Islamic investment banking and a valued member of the Qatar community,” said ROTA Director, Essa Al Mannai. “It is through the valued support of sponsors like QFIB that ROTA is able to develop an inclusive approach to community development based on the principles of equity, empathy and interactive participation.”

As a leading non-profit organization, ROTA actively serves local communities in Qatar through a number of volunteer-led projects. The Ramadan 2011 project, “ROTA Reaches out to All Children” is aimed at engaging children from all walks of life in Qatar. QFIB’s sponsorship includes financial and volunteer support of Iftars with community-based organizations including; The Elderly Institute, as well as support of Garangaou night and the House Renovations project. QFIB’s Ramadan Blessings campaign will also include hosting an Iftar for the children of Dhreima Qatar Orphan Foundation.

Emad Mansour, Chief Executive Officer of QFIB commented: “This is the third consecutive year for our Ramadan Blessings Campaign and we are keen to join hands with ROTA and support their Ramadan 2011 Project. As an Islamic institution we are committed to engaging the local community and contributing to its welfare, especially during the holy month of Ramadan where it is the custom to reach out to the less unfortunate. Our Ramadan Blessing campaign, which includes supporting ROTA’s many planned activities, will provide us with a unique opportunity to give back to our community and to further encourage our dedicated employees to embrace the charitable spirit of the Holy month.”