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22 April 2012

QFIB highlights real estate investment in Qatar at Cityscape Abu Dhabi

Shadi Zubeidi, Managing Director and Head of Corporate Finance at QFIB participates at the ‘Middle East Real Estate Summit’

Highlighting the enormous potential in Qatar’s real estate sector, Shadi Zubeidi, Managing Director and Head of Corporate Finance at  Qatar First Investment Bank (QFIB) participates at the  ‘Middle East Real Estate Summit’  held on 22-23 April, 2012 in Abu Dhabi.  QFIB is Qatar’s first independent Shari’ah compliant investment bank authorized by Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority.

Zubeidi is taking part in a panel entitled ‘Country Focus: Spotlight on Qatar ’scheduled for the second day of the conference as part of the Cityscape Abu Dhabi events-series.  Showcasing Qatar as a major economic success in the Middle East, Zubeidi will highlight the opportunities for global real estate development firms looking to invest in Qatar and will address the challenges related to capital allocation and sophisticated deal structuring.

Emphasizing the importance of risk management to resolve regional inflation and material resource shortages, Zubeidi commented, “In line with Qatar’s National Vision, 2030, excess liquidity from the oil and gas export will be utilized to drive growth in other sectors of the economy.  The real estate is a prime sector where excess capital is channeled to develop state-of-the -art infrastructure projects according to global standards, specifically in the run up to the FIFA 2022 World Cup.   This will create numerous investment opportunities for both local and international parties.  The challenge is to capitalize on the improved investor sentiment for the real estate sector, allocate capital efficiently and develop sophisticated deal structures that minimize risks, provide sound returns and lead to growth in the long run.”

The real estate is one of the prime sectors QFIB’s investment strategy focuses on.  It is a dynamic sector fuelled by increased government spending and high population growth rates.