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31 August 2009

QFIB promotes solidarity and brother hood during the Holy Month of Ramadan

QFIB promotes solidarity and brother hood during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Qatar First Investment Bank (QFIB) announces the launch of “Ramadan Blessings” a special campaign during the Holy Month of Ramadan as part of its corporate social responsibility. “Ramadan Blessings” campaign will include a series of social activities that aim to promote solidarity and brotherhood during this special month by bringing QFIB employees and families closer to the less fortunate members of society.

QFIB’s Ramadan Blessing’s campaign kicked off on Sunday night with an Iftar for all QFIB employees and their families at Doha’s Millennium Hotel. The Iftar was an opportunity for QFIB employees from many nations to experience Ramadan as well as promote team work and communication.

CEO of QFIB, Mike de Graffenried said: “Ramadan is a special month of the year. It’s all about sharing and giving. The Iftar was a good opportunity of bringing our employees of many nations together with their families to experience Ramadan and get to know each other. Social gatherings are important. They help to improve ties amongst employees and foster a spirit of team work, while underlining the Islamic nature of our organisation”

Other social activities planned under the “Ramadan Blessings’ campaign include a Garangaou celebration for the Dreihma Friends Club and an Iftar for the Qatari Institute of Elderly Persons’ Care. QFIB employees and family members will participate in both initiatives.

Qatar First Investment Bank is the first, fully independent Shari’ah compliant investment bank to be authorized by the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority. It launched in March and aims to become one of the leading financial institutions in Shari’ah compliant investment banking in Qatar and the GCC.