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09 May 2011

QFIB sponsors Islamic finance Course at Qatar Foundation

The Islamic Contemporary Financial Transactions training course concluded its last session today.

The Islamic Contemporary Financial Transactions training course concluded its last session today. The training course was organized by the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Qatar (QFIS), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science & Community Development, in collaboration with the International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS). Qatar First Investment Bank (QFIB), was the official sponsor of this training course. The course, is part of the ‘Future Scholars’ series which commenced last February, and was held on a weekly basis at QFIS premises in Education City.

“We are pleased to collaborate with the Faculty of Islamic Studies in delivering such an important course. Demand for Islamic Financial products and services is growing at an unprecedented rate. It is essential that practioners in this field are regularly kept up to date with latest practices in this industry. QFIB’s sponsorship of this training course underlines our commitment to support activities dedicated to generating awareness about Islamic finance. We hope this is a first step in a long-term partnership between QFIB and QFIS” said Abdullah bin Fahd bin Ghorab Al Marri, QFIB Chairman.

Dr. Hatem Al Qaranshawi, the Dean of QFIS thanked QFIB for their support and commented:”This partnership between (QFIS), (IUMS) and (QFIB) is of a great significance. It highlights QFIS as a major player in spreading awareness of Islamic heritage specifically in financial transactions. QFIS facilitates the exchange of expertise that virtually contribute to the development of Islamic financial services in Qatar in order to meet the economic challenges of the era.”

Over 220 male and female students, in addition to a number of professionals working in the Islamic finance field, attended a series of specially designed lectures the content of which was developed by Dr. Ali Al Quradaghi, Qatar Univesity Professor, IUMS Secretary General and Head of Shari’ah Board of QFIB ., The content of the course covered two major areas: Introduction to Islamic Economy and the Methodology of Islamic Jurisprudence.

“We are grateful for QFIB’s support of the Islamic Contemporary Financial Transactions Training Course,” commented Prof. Dr. Al Quradaghi. “This course is not just about educating our students but also nurturing our growing talent in this very important and growing area of finance,” he added.